1928-S PCGS MS-65 OGH CAC Buffalo Nickel. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. OLD GREEN HOLDER! Let me start off by saying, I was really hoping this coin would have been awarded the GOLD CAC sticker but either way, there's no question this coin is undergraded by at least a half grade. This coin is simply an exceptional representative for a San Francisco mint buffalo nickel from the Roaring twenties, combining both superior preservation and eye appeal. Vibrant honey, lavender and apricot iridescence dominates the complexion, complement by thin bands of rainbow coloration near the boarders. This patina is emphasized by radiant satiny luster that blazes across each side of this well preserved gem. Nicely struck for the issue and very little contact and or distracting blemishes. The texture is satiny, smooth and suggestive of an even higher Mint State grade. OLD GREEN HOLDER and CAC Approved! Undergraded by at least a half grade and rarely seen any finer. Surprisingly, Only 18 coins graded higher by PCGS and mostly in a 66 grade, with 1 coin in 66+ and 1 coin in 67 grade. Next half grade up will run you around $5300 and in MS-66 grade it will cost you $17,000.Great opportunity for a possible re-grade and for an OLD GREEN HOLDER COLLECTOR! UNDERGRADED!  NICE COLOR! OLD GREEN HOLDER UPGRADE

DRCR Price: $4,449.99       

1894 PCGS PF-66+ CAC Liberty Nickel. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. There's no question this coin definitely borders the PF-67 grade. This date is seldom found in high grades which makes this coin a true rarity. This gem has a very low population of only 3 coins in PF-66+ grade with only 4 coins graded higher in PF-67 grade. Despite a moderate proof mintage of 2,632 coins, high-end premium gems like this gem are elusive.  First thing you notice about this coin is the exceptional eye appeal and the marvelous color that really draws your eye to the coin and really adds to the appeal of the coin. Second thing you notice is, the strong deeply reflective mirrors which beam the light right off the coin. This beautiful gem is sharply struck with pinpoint detail all across her hairline and the reverse wreaths. The surfaces are free of any significant faults, only a minuscule tick in the lower right field is all that precludes and even finer grade, but other than that this gem is nearly flawless. CAC Approved which is very important for tough coins like this for Strong Mirror quality and remarkable eye appeal. Next grade up will cost you around $4,000 PF-67 grade. LOW POP 3! 4 HIGHER IN 67! STRONG MIRRORS!

DRCR Price: $2,224.99            

1886 PCGS PF-65 (OGH) CAC 3-cent Nickel. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This coin is a perfect example of why I truly love OLD GREEN HOLDER COINS because the quality is always superb! I gotta say, I am a little surprised CAC didn't put a GOLD STICKER on the coin. When you see this coin under the loupe, you'll see it's worthy of a PF-66. Soft nickel gold patin runs over the immaculately preserved surfaces of this superb gem proof. Razor sharp devices round out the coins gorgeous eye appeal, affirmed by CAC. The strike is razor sharp and neither side exhibits any real contact marks. CAC Approved this coin for it's Superb quality. OLD GREEN HOLDER! UPGRADE COIN! Next grade up will cost you around $700 in PF-66 grade. SUPER GEM! WELL PRESERVED!

DRCR Price: $639.99                  

1936 PCGS PF-66 TYPE 2 (OGH) Buffalo Nickel. PCGS Certified. Here we have a solid Premium quality example housed in an OLD GREEN HOLDER, worthy of atleast a plus grade. This sharply impressed specimen presents gleaming golden surfaces devoid of marks and only some insignificant tiny flecks away from an even finer grade. The surfaces remain deeply mirrored and have splendid flash along with incredible eye appeal. The brilliant finished used on buffalo nickel proofs during the second half of 1936 tends to me more popular among collectors than the earlier satin finish. Premium quality OLD GREEN HOLDER! Next grade up will cost you around $3,000 in PF-67 grade. PREMIUM QUALITY OGH!  

DRCR Price: $ 2,174.99              

1938-D PCGS MS-67+ Buffalo Nickel. PCGS Certified. There's no question this exceptional coin is solid for the grade and superior to most MS-67+'s.The strike is exceptionally sharp and nearly mark-free, highly lustrous surfaces are exceeded only by the vibrant wisps of orange toning that graces both sides of this Superb gem. You can definitely tell that this remarkable example was put away and carefully preserved, at some point acquiring it's sensational color while retaining it's swirling yet vibrant mint-fresh luster. Rarely seen any finer and next grade up will cost you a little over $11,000 in MS-68 grade. FLASHY AND VIBRANT LUSTER! PQ!

DRCR Price: $974.99                      

1938-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC Buffalo Nickel. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. Let me start off by saying, I definitely think this coin should have been graded a MS-68. This coin is simply stunning to say the least. The strike is razor sharp along with bold design elements. Smooth satiny mint luster reside amid beautiful lavender and lemon-orange toning on each side. Both sides of this Superb gem are simply immaculate, and very little contact can be seen under the glass. This CAC Approved piece is a must-have item for the Registry Set collector and MS-68 coins are conditionally rare and rarely seen! Next grade up will cost you a little over $11,000 in MS-68. WONDERFULLY COLORED BUFFALO!  

DRCR Price: $1,019.99