1953 NGC PF-68 "STAR" "CAMEO" Washington Quarter. NGC Certified and given the STAR designation. The star designation is NGC's unique identifier of coins with exceptional eye appeal or characteristics that distinguish them from other coins of the same technical grade. WOW, This CAMEO proof looks absolutely stunning and I definitely think this coin should have graded at least a 68+. I also think this coin is very close, if not ULTRA CAMEO. This beautiful 1953 proof Washington quarter is as near perfect as ever seen. Brilliant white-on-black cameo contrast is immediately captivating, and the exceptional surface quality is equally remarkable. A brilliant and seemingly pristine proof quarter with razor sharp detail along with strong cameo contrast. This quarter is essentially perfect in all respects, this attractively contrasted proof is free of both toning and grade-limiting blemishes. The eye appeal is simply exceptional to say the least. It's a shame that CAC doesn't put stickers on these coins because I know this coin would easily sticker. SUCH A REMARKABLE PROOF! STRONG CAMEO FIELDS!

DRCR Price: $394.99    

1943-D PCGS MS-67+ Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. Solid  premium quality gem for the grade. POP 15 with only 1 COIN GRADED HIGHER by either service. This Plus-graded premium gem is prime candidate for any Top Registry set collectors. This beautiful quarter remains untoned and brilliant, while this gleaming frosted Superb gem is at the top if it's grade as designated by PCGS Plus award. Both the strike and the mint luster are exceptional to say the least. The surfaces are nicely preserved save for a few scattered ticks throughout. REGISTRY WORTHY! POP 15 and only 1 coin graded higher by both PCGS and NGC. These plus graded coins are reasonably prices when considering the Next grade up will cost you around $14,000. RADIANT MINT LUSTER! NICE STRIKE!

DRCR Price: $1,879.99          

 Here's a chance to own a Magnificent 1942 PCGS PF-68 WASHINGTON QUARTER! It is certified by PCGS! LOW POPULATION of only 14 coins with 1 coin graded higher! I must say this is an exceptional example of the proof 1942 Washington quarter. This spectacular PF-68 specimen offers fully detailed design elements and virtually flawless surfaces. Both sides show attractive traces of aquamarine mixed with golden toning and few highlights of iridescent toning at the peripheries. The beautiful toning adds to the stunning eye appeal on both sides. The fields remain extremely reflective along with deeply mirroed surfaces. The present coin is a magnificent example of the final proof in the series struck prior to the 1950.


DRCR PRICE: $6,549.99   SOLD!!

1955 NGC PF-67 (OGH) "CAMEO" Washington Quarter. NGC Certified. Here's another premium coin from the group of OLD HOLDER CAMEO quarters which all have nice color and all of them are undergraded. The color and quality of this coin easily surpasses it's PF-67 grade. This premium gem has target rainbow toning throughout both the obverse and the reverse. This gorgeous proof 67 specimen exhibits fully struck design elements with a frosty texture that creates nice cameo contrast with the deeply mirrored fields.The brilliant surfaces are virtually pristine and the eye appeal is tremendous. This gem is sure to please with magnificent eye appeal. SUPER GEM! COLORFUL CAMEO! UPGRADE!

DRCR Price: $174.99 SOLD!!!      

1941 NGC MS-68 CAC Washington Quarter. NGC Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This beautiful gem is as close to perfection as you can get, not just because it's nearly flawless but mother nature did an incredible job on this coin. When you see this coin in hand, it's simply astonishing and I would argue it's the finest coin for this date. I simply can't understand why NGC didn't give this coin the "STAR" designation. This coin is 1 of only 3 coins graded MS-68 and 1 of the 3 is a STAR grade. PCGS has only graded 1 coin in MS-68 and there's none grade higher from either PCGS or NGC. Now of course this beautiful high-end gem is, with out a doubt absolutely fully struck, as it should be for a MS-68 grade. This magnificent piece is backed up by a CAC green label testifying to it's outstanding eye appeal. Stunning iridescent shades of golden brown, hot pink mixed with fuchsia, lime green and lavender rainbow toning are the dominant visual characteristics of this truly spectacular Washington quarter. The design elements are sharply detailed while most of Washington's hair and the eagle's breast feathers are very well defined. The surfaces display vibrant mint luster that resides beneath the colorful patina. Both sides are immaculately preserved with only a subtle light tick in a minor area. I simply can't stress enough on the amazing quality of this remarkable gem. You almost never come across coins in this grade, let alone with marvelous color. This is a rare opportunity to get one of the finest certified coins of this date. TOP POP with a CAC STICKER for magnificent eye appeal and premium quality. Don't miss out on a coin like this POP 3 with none graded higher!  PLEASE NOTE: There's a very small piece that chipped off the edge of the holder. It doesn't affect the coin at all and it's very small NGC MS-68 PRICE GUIDE= $19,750  PCGS PRICE GUIDE MS-68= $23,500! OR BEST OFFER! AMAZING COLOR! TRULY SUPERB!

DRCR Price: $6,999.99       

1944-D NGC MS-67 OGH CAC Washington Quarter. NGC Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This coin is housed in and OLD "TOMBSTONE" HOLDER. Here's a coin I would really love to send to PCGS because I definitely think it would grade at least a MS-67+ today. Most people don't realize how tough these coins are in higher grade. PCGS has only graded 20 in MS-67+ and a mere 2 coins in MS-68. This "OLD HOLDER"is very important when you consider the fact that a plus grade is worth $1500 and a MS-68 is $15,000. This frosty white gem is sharply struck with excellent eye appeal. The surfaces show very little contact and are seemingly perfect, exhibiting vibrant, golden luster and boldly rendered design elements. CAC Approved for premium quality and Wonderful eye appeal. Well preserved gem is worthy of a MS-67+ grade or higher! PCGS MS-67+= $1,500 PCGS MS-68= $15,000. SUPER GEM! SOLID MS-67+ GRADE!!

DRCR Price: $389.99    SOLD!!               

1948-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This quality high-end gem sits right at the top end of the grade and is nearly the finest graded coin for this date. Although the 1948-S Washington Quarter can be found in lower grades with little difficulty, Plus-graded Superb gem examples like this are quite rare. CAC approved coins make up only a small percentage of the total, it is an elite group since PCGS has graded just a single coin in a finer grade. This coin is a brilliant example with bright silver luster, this 1948-S has proof like fields and show signs of fresh die preparation and display a notably sharp strike. The design elements exhibit razor sharp definition and vibrant mint luster adds to the outstanding eye appeal. CAC Approved for Exquisite Eye Appeal. POP 19 with only 1 SINGLE COIN HIGHER! TOUGH GRADE! LIGHT PL! Next grade up will cost you around $24,000. SUPER PQ! LIGHT PROOF LIKE!

DRCR Price: $1,619.99             

1935 NGC MS-67+ Washington Quarter. NGC Certified. Here's a coin that has quality and eye appeal worthy of the plus grade. If only this coin was a little bit cleaner in minor areas it could easily be tied for the finest certified in MS-68 grade. Both sides of this gem are very well preserved with frosty white skin with a touch of champagne toning throughout. This registry set contender showcases nearly mark free surfaces that are glowing with satiny mint luster. Strike remains needle sharp with boldly rendered motifs that appear sharp even upon close examination, contributing to the oustanding eye appeal. PREMIUM HIGH-END! TOUGH GRADE AND RARELY SEEN FINER! LOW POP 2! 1 COIN GRADED HIGHER BY BOTH PCGS AND NGC! MS-68 NGC MS-67+= $3,700 NGC MS-68= $17,500 PCGS MS-68= $20,000 TOUGH GRADE! RARELY SEEN FINER!

DRCR Price: $1,324.99             

Here's a chance to own a Magnificent 1940 PCGS PF-68 WASHINGTON QUARTER! It is certified by PCGS! LOW POPULATION of only 7 coins! This virtually pristine specimen is dusted with original sandy-gold, powder blue and pale pink iridescence. Beautifully preserved, boldly detailed and practically unrivalled quality for this early proof Washington quater. The surfaces are nearly perfect and pleasingly iridescent in the lightly toned areas. The immaculate fields are deeply mirrored along with universally mirrored in finish with a razor sharp strike from the dies. Tough grade and tied for finest certified coin! POP 7! TOP of the line premium Superb gem! wonderful Eye Appeal!

DRCR PRICE: $6,449.99           

1943 PCGS MS-67+ CAC Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This premium high-end gem  is a borderline MS-68 and it definitely has the quality worthy of the next grade. A snow-white Superb gem that exhibits a bold strike and exceptionally unbraded surfaces. Light honey gold toning graces this lustrous and well-preserved gem. Due to the concave borders, the strike shows very minor incompleteness on the DATE and AMERICA. The design elements are generally well impressed with sharp motifs. The surfaces are extremely lustrous and impeccably well-preserved and yield stunning eye appeal, aptly recognized by CAC. This World War II quarter is a desirable addition to the competitive Registry entry.  POP 16 with only 3 COINS GRADED HIGHER! Next grade up will cost you a little over $13,000 in MS-68 grade. NEAR MS-68! FROSTY WHITE BLAZER!

DRCR Price: $1,599.99               

1951-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC (SECURE HOLDER) Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. Here we have a super rare Registry worthy coin that deserves' it's lofty high-end grade. LOW POPULATION of only 7 coins with only 1 coin certified higher by either service. The obverse has beautiful rich golden-brown color that encircles the peripheral areas of this fully struck, well preserved Superb gem, while the reverse remains pretty much tone free. The surfaces are virtually free from contact marks or other distractions. Magnification shows only a few trivial grazes which are almost indistinguishable underneath the vibrant, frosty mint luster, adding to the splendid eye appeal. The design elements are sharply detailed throughout this impeccably preserved Washington quarter. CAC affirmed it's high-end quality for the grade along with it's magnificent eye appeal. This is one of the very finest certified of this date and mint. This coin should find a nice home in the finest collection or Registry Set. POP 7 with only 1 COIN GRADED HIGHER by either service. Next half grade up will cost you roughly $21,000. 

DRCR Price: $5,749.99

1950-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. The 1950-S Washington quarter is easily located in grades through the Gem Level, but high-end Superb Gems, like the present coin, are very scarce and not easily located. Thick mint frost prevails on both sides, with the central untoned silver white area considerably larger on the reverse and bounded by deep amber and jade patina on the obverse. This spectacular specimen is beautifully preserved and Strongly struck with sharply detailed design elements. PCGS has seen a handful of Plus-graded Superb Gems, and only one coin is graded higher at that service making this coin a Registry Set essential. POP 16 with only 1 COINS GRADED HIGHER! Next grade up will cost you around $12,500 in MS-68 grade but good luck finding one. COLORED GEM! SUPERB!

DRCR Price: $3,599.99             

1945-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This beautiful coin is definitely worthy of it's MS-67+ grade and actually I'm a little surprised it didn't get a MS-68 grade. Even thought there's no MS-68 grade, This coin has the quality and eye appeal worthy of the next grade. Tied for the finest certified! POP 12! NONE GRADED HIGHER! At PCGS, the finest 1945-S Washington Quarters listed grade MS-67+. This CAC-approved coin is essentially the best possible quality that a Registry Set collector can acquire. Beautiful, blazing mint luster yields just the faintest hint of iridescence on each side, with deeper russet, green, and crimson tinges visible around the outer edge. This eye-catching coin is arguably the most attractive 1945-S quarter that I've seen. The strike is razor sharp with bold detail throughout. SUPERB PREMIUM GEM! POP 12!

DRCR Price: $2,224.99               

1942 PCGS MS-67+ CAC Washington Quarter. PCGS Certified. It has also been approved by CAC to be a Superior coin for the grade. This impeccably preserved gem is easily among the finest survivors, with quality worthy of the next grade. LOW POPULATION of only 10 COINS with NONE GRADED HIGHER! The Plus designation is well-earned. Few 1942 quarters are certified this fine at PCGS, and none are superior! This gem remains nicely struck and the design elements are well-detailed. Powder-blue and golden accents appear over mostly brilliant, beautifully preserved surfaces radiate vibrant mint luster from both sides, creating terrific eye appeal. Nearly mark free with a couple of minuscule ticks on the left (facing) wing and leg are the only apparent marks and only noticeable under a strong loupe. CAC Approved and Registry quality! POP 10 SUPREME QUALITY! TOP GRADE!

DRCR Price: $1,739.99  SOLD!!!!!           

  Here's a chance to own a Magnificent 1939 PCGS PF-67+ WASHINGTON QUARTER! It is certified by PCGS! This exquisite Superb gem is exceptionally smooth and well preserved survivor. Otherwise antique silver surfaces exhibit warmer tan-apricot patina along the right obverse border. As expected, the strike is remarkably sharp throughout the raised elements, which rise above gleaming, mirrored fields. POP 22 with only 7 coins graded higher!

DRCR PRICE: $1524.99